16 October 2017 @ 12:28 pm
Ults Day is here!  

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Happy 16/10, everyone! It’s Ults Day in all time zones now, so let’s kick this party off! Please post any fanworks/meta/discussions/recs on our post over on Dreamwidth or on the #ults day tag on tumblr, and let’s show our appreciation for the Steve and Tony of Earth-1610!

Here are a few discussion questions to start us off! Feel free to make a post on your tumblr or jouronal and link it to us too!

Favorite Steve moment?
Favorite Tony moment?
Favorite Steve/Tony moment?

How did you get into this verse?
What's your favorite thing about this verse?
If you wanted to get someone into this verse, what would you tell them?
Rec a fanwork!

Of course, anything goes, as long as it's related to the Ultimates verse! We hope everyone has fun: both the people who know and love this verse, and the ones who don't know much about it at all and want to learn more!
15 October 2017 @ 11:43 pm
Sunday Seven III  
I'm in Venice - I met a colleague at the airport who suggested to take a direct taxi boat to the city instead of the bus + boat combo that my guesthouse suggested. We had to wait in line for half an hour (being too loudly upset about politics, but that's what happens when you put together an
Iranian-born Swiss-American and an Eastern-Europe born Jewish German) but otherwise it was the best decision ever. I got a bit of sightseeing that I do not expect to manage for the rest of the week.

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I am regretting that I did not take my camera with me. But on the other hand: I don't think I'll gave time to look around much, anyway.

That said: that review talk on Tuesday? Still not done. Ugh. And tomorrow will be a busy day. (Expect very exciting science results to hit the news; not mine, but it will still be full of excitement.) And I know, I am procrastinating now again, but there is only so much talk I can write given how tired I am by now.

I know that I shop when I am stressed. I lost my black shawl while in Slovenia and it's such a staple that I needed a new one immediately. Also those new skinny dress pants I bought when changing airports in Paris really need different tops that the ones I own, so I now own a wide lightweight wooly sweater in grey and a black popover blouse. And since I was at it, also a set of rose-plated triangle earring (I mean, it happens so often that I find earrings that I live that are silver I had to buy them, right? … On the other hand, wtf my new fascination with gold-colored jewellry? Am I getting old?)

Also, new phone. Because my old one decided that I abused it too much. It's not fully dead but there was a pattern of guest-touch behavior that made it crash several times and I am not risking being without a phone with all the current and upcoming travel. Unfortunately, I missed that the successor model is half an inch larger when I ordered it. The old one wasn't small, but this one is giant. Well. I am trying to convince myself that whatever phone I would have gotten it would have been the wrong one because it's not my old one. (And I could not have just bought the old one again, I considered, but I ordered it using motomaker in a configuration that was only available from Motorolla USA, not from any resellers D:)

Voltron really isn't a good series. But I keep watching. Because Lotor. And we are at the point when he actually becomes really interesting. (I even tried to go fanfiction, but ugh, nothing along the lines that would interest me D:)

I complained to [livejournal.com profile] sophiawestern (through whom I have one of my current favorite soup recipes) that there is no Kabocha squash in the Netherlands - I only found two sad kabochas at one market stall a few weeks ago. But now my local supermarket has them! Yeah! Take bets on who is going to eat all the Kabocha & chicken & pear salads!
I still have a ton of roasted kabocha and carrot soup in the freezer (the aforementioned favorite soup made from the aforementioned two sad kabochas), otherwise there would be some soup cooking forthcoming next weekend.

I'm not sure I agree with everything in this blog entry (I often find myself disagreeing with xykademiqz, the blog author), but the last paragraph is important (to realize for both kinds of people) and I absolutely loved the last sentence: I need to emit into the world, hoping the world receives some of it.

Now: bed. And finish that talk tomorrow.
15 October 2017 @ 07:58 pm
Cap-IM Newsletter: October  

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Catch up on all the news!
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15 October 2017 @ 07:44 pm
Sunday: Open Discussion  

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Welcome to our Sunday open discussion thread! Every week we'll have either open discussions or miscellaneous activities that come up. You can talk about anything to your heart's content, stony-related or otherwise! What's going on in your life?

Join the discussion on Dreamwidth, no account require!
14 October 2017 @ 05:35 pm
Holiday Exchange 2017 Special Chat  

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The 2017 Holiday Exchange sign-ups are now open!

If you have any questions to the mods, you can ask them at the comm IRC channel (how to connect to the chat). For the duration of the event, we have also created a special Holiday Exchange Discord channel - link to the invitation.

Your mods,

laireshi, Salmastryon, navaan, Tisfan, FestiveFerret
14 October 2017 @ 05:22 pm
Sinful Saturday: BDSM  

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Happy Saturday, everyone! This week's theme is BDSM. Bondage? Discipline? Power exchanges? Whether you like the way it explores Steve and Tony's dynamic, or you just like it, here's your chance to talk about all your favorite BDSM thoughts! Come share your headcanons, recs, or make new work if you're feeling inspired!

Bring your thoughts over to the post on dreamwidth! No account needed.