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Welcome to the journal of a 29 year old being born and living in Germany!

I'm interested in literature, series and films, traveling if possible, Cosplay, Games, being with friends no matter if outside or at home or having a relaxed time by myself.

All in all, my livejournal is about my whole life. This includes everything I feel like writing at that moment, may it be serious or just some simple, silly fun things as well as writing about my various fandoms (though those are less frequent than the rest). I may aquire some fandoms along the way or step out of others for a while, but there are some that are fairly constant, like Avengers/Marvel. I'm just a geeky, slightly nerdy fangirl.

I'm always trying to post regulary but sometimes I fail. There are times with more than one post a day and times I hardly write at all for weeks. If you don't like this you should avoid me. Additionally I'm not the type that always comments or that asks for comments on every single entry I make, although I appreciate the occasional sign that you are interested in continuing to read and take part in my life in this way. But I'm reading all of your entries even if I'm not commenting on every single one of them!

My journal is friends only because I think not everyone should be able to read about my private life and my thoughts. But feel free to add me and see if we'll fit!
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